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Customizable and intuitive mobile applications

Mobile applications, the essentials of connected objects

The mobile application is an application software downloadable and executable on a smartphone, a tablet, a personal assistant or a computer, it is specially developed for mobile electronic devices. Distributed from download platforms, such as the App Store (for Apple branded devices), or Google Play (for Android devices), apps are mostly useful for the end user.
The mobile application market is booming since the appearance of the smartphone and tablets. The mobile web is exploited for any type of need so why not answer directly to the expectations raised by the users?

Once developed, our applications provide intelligent home control, remote heating management, comfort guarantees, budget tracking, understanding and anticipation for a perfect control!

Benefit from an application dedicated to your industry and offer your users a smart and easy-to-use application that allows them to remotely control their installation.

Many advantages related to our solution:

- Customized applications, personalization with colors of your company
- Developed in France, within our Research & Development department
- Saves time to quickly deploy a remote control application
- Application available for download on Apple IOS and Android platforms
- Application with responsive interface: adjustable to all screen sizes, smartphone, tablet and PC compatible
- Compatibility of the application with our other products: creation of a complete IoT solution



Benefit from our experience to design your own HVAC mobile application

A real interface between the user and its home, 3 levels of global view are offered: from home to device, or from building to home, or from building park to home.
The levels are of course customizable for a perfect adaptation to all types of use, here are some examples:



The applications we develop allow to:

View and understand

- Status, operation.
- Current and planned modes (presences, absences, holidays…).
- Setting temperatures…
- Consumptions
- Measure temperatures in real time: current ambient temperature, minimum, maximum.
- Access the weather forecasts.

Keep informed in real time

- Notifications and news feed warn about an event on installation.
- Be warned from an opened window, a disconnection, an unusual consumption…

Manage remote unexpected events

- The user leave unexpectedly? Unexpected departure: he switches all the home in Eco mode for maximum savings.
- The user comes back sooner? Early return: he switches all the home in Comfort mode to have the right temperature when he is back.


Control the installation

- Interact on a building park, a building, a floor, a home, an apartment, an area or a product.
- Quickly and easy to programme the heating system, or better, the user is guided, the devices will do it for him.
- Set, define priorities.
- Apply an operating mode (Auto, Comfort, Eco, Frost protection, Boost).
- Change setpoint temperatures.


Optimize consumption

- With a single movement, view consumption in kWh or in £.
- 3 levels of analysis, home, area or device/building, floor or home/building park, building or home, macro or micro view to satisfy all types of users.
- Monitoring, understanding, analyzing consumption:
- Simple and detailed graphs over a certain period (day, week, month, year), with the real consumption of home, area or device/building, floor or home/building park, building or home.
- Comparison with the previous period (jour, semaine, mois, année) pour mieux mesurer les économies réalisées.
- To better monitor expenditure, an energy savings assistant integrated in the app advises the user to reduce their energy bill.
- Soon: a predictive system of anticipation and optimization of consumption to reduce the home energy expenditure.
Because we developed an upgradeable system, features mentioned can be already available or in development.

With our mobiles applications, common sense goes hand-in-hand with ergonomics, navigation is easy and intuitive, all of which has been invented by listening to you.