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  • The AXENCO Group, a committed player in sustainable development

    The AXENCO Group has been recognised and rewarded for its CSR approach by obtaining a gold medal certification from the ECOVADIS label. This performance marks and rewards our commitment to sustainable development, social and corporate responsibility, ethics in the conduct of our activities and environmental protection. The 2023 score places the group in the top 5% of companies rated (...)

  • The Axenco Group has chosen to join the Connectivity Standards Alliance!

    The Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), formerly known as the Zigbee Alliance, benefits from the deep and diverse expertise of its members, robust certification programmes and a full suite of open IoT solutions including Matter. Movement allowing all objects to connect simply and securely to the world around us! Now, many objects can work together to enhance our daily experiences... (...)

  • PH25, the smart and connected digital-control column, interoperable by construction!

    The PH25 column marks a major breakthrough in the history of connected heating as it integrates 3 powerful communication protocols into one product: This technological achievement is another example of Imhotep creation’s desire to make its connected products compatible with other IoT ecosystems. Today, Imhotep creation is able to integrate other communication protocols such as Zigbee 3.0 (...)

  • BPI France distinguishes the
    Axenco group for its growth path

    The Axenco Group, to which IMHOTEP belongs, has been recognised and rewarded once again this year for its growth by the Bpifrance Excellence 2021 label. This performance demonstrates the group’s long-term financial strength, its development and the relevance of its solutions in a complex pandemic and economic context.

  • Versatility and intelligence for comfort and savings!

    Discover E-stat our new connected thermostat with automatic programming for a unique user experience. Exclusive style and revolutionary colour touch screen The thermostat is available in black or white, and due to its thinness, it is ultra-discreet once installed on a wall and will match any interior. Its intuitive interface gives it optimal readability of information and (...)

  • IMHOTEP creation informs you

    Following the latest prevention measures implemented by the government, it is our duty to be transparent and reassure you about our ability to maintain the best level of service in such an exceptional context. You can understand of course that the goal is to provide the best support for your industrial and commercial activities. In addition to the sanitary measures already in place in our (...)

  • Experience SMARTHOME: our customizable connected solutions

    Because in the digital age, connected objects have become an integral part of consumers’ lives, we have designed smart, connected products and services to further facilitate the management of thermal comfort in everyday life. Communicating directly through the user’s internet box, like a simple Wi-Fi printer, our SMARTHOME connected solutions will allow users to easily control and remotely (...)

  • Imhotep creation anticipated the European directive Ecodesign 2018

    For years, a strong commitment for energy issues From the outset, sustainable development is at the heart of our concerns. At every product design, we challenge the way we manage energy and continually improve our controllers solutions to reduce energy bills while maintaining the comfort that the user is entitled to demand. For some years now, we integrate innovative features into our (...)

  • AXENCO Group: labeled "Pépite" by the Grand Lyon and the Lyon Chamber of Commerce

    The Pépite program: a prestigious regional label Launched in 2011 by the Grand Lyon and the Lyon Chamber of Commerce, the Pépite program supports each year about twenty SMEs from lyon and suburbs presenting high potential to hyper growth to become ETI (Medium-size Company). Since 2014, the program also accredits companies in the territory of the Metropolitan Pole (Saint-Etienne Metropole, (...)

  • Motion detection, an innovative and energy-saving OEM-ODM technological solution

    Overview of how motion detection works Motion detectors provides you with a new form of energy management. Main function: to detect and indicate a movement in a room and to notify the movement to an electric appliance it is paired with, in order that the latter automatically takes the appropriate action, automatically. Aim: to make an electric appliance intelligent so that it adjusts (...)