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Our testing resources

Internal pre-testing ahead of quality certification (safety, EMC, environment, etc.).
Quality certification testing by certified independent laboratories (LCIE, CETECOM, intertek…) are carried out for all our products.
Our products are certified to most demanding safety standards (eg VDE, NF, SEMKO, UL, etc.).


- Overheating
- Continuity, insulation and dielectric strength
- Plastic durability: glow wire, ball
- Testing laboratory IP XX
- Tensile test
- Toughness & accelerated ageing


- 3 dual-climate test chambers
- 1 hydraulic dual-climate test chamber
- Heating and humidity room
- Field test (control, RF performance )
- Colorimetric test: CIE L,a,b analyzer


- Conducted immunity test
- Radiated immunity test
- Conducted emission test
- RF tests
- Spectrum analyzer
- Adversity testing, PLC immunity, out of spectrum, RF interference…