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About us

Our main line of business

– Imhotep creation specializes in designing, developing and producing mechatronic HVAC products. – We are (...)
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Our business model

– We identify the stars in the HVAC sector (as regards products used at home and in small office buildings) that (...)
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Our activites

Imhotep creation, is the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) solution specialist for HVAC Thanks to an (...)
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Our distinctive expertise

We carry out non-stop analysis of changes in terms of technology and standards , both current and future. Always (...)
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Our production sites

In France, at Pont-Evêque site (in the Isère department, south-east of France): – Market analysis, product (...)
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Our testing resources

Safety – Overheating – Continuity, insulation and dielectric strength – Plastic durability: glow wire, ball – (...)
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Why should you partner with us ?

1- A marketing-oriented approach to our lines of business We constantly take feedback from the market into (...)
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