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The smart, connected controller kit for electric towel rails

Our new controller kit marks a major breakthrough in bathroom heating, as it is equipped with 3 high-performance wireless communication protocols:



It has been designed in a modern, innovative style. Its remote control has a black display with white digits for perfect readability and is perfectly integrated into the heating body, providing overhead control while preserving the space for hanging towels. Once mounted on the towel rails, the receiver located at the bottom and at the back of the manifold fits discreetly into the heating body. Its occupancy detector ensures the presence/absence automatic detection feature, so that the finished product with our controller kit is eligible for NF performance 3*Œil and energy saving certificates, as the appliance is self-programmable.

Connectivity at the heart of our innovations


The smart kit can be controlled remotely using the dedicated application on your smartphone, tablet or PC, or via the app of the home automation IOT BOX using the interoperable Zigbee 3.0 protocol.
It can also be controlled by voice using Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home voice assistants.

It provides full bi-directional connectivity, enabling control as well as data and consumption readings, and guarantees free upgradability thanks to remote software updates using OTA (Over The Air) technology.

As well as connectivity, it comes with a host of advanced features designed to provide even greater comfort while reducing energy bills!
 Automatic self-learning programming preset by default. The appliance automatically and adaptively applies self-learning programming to the rhythm of your life, without any prior settings.
 Weekly and daily programming can be customised via the app
 Built-in dual optimiser for even greater savings in OPTI ECO mode and optimised comfort in OPTI COMFORT mode (adjustable from the app)
 Automatic presence/absence detection to gradually lower the temperature during periods of absence
 Automatic detection of open window to avoid wasting energy when airing the room
 7 operating modes to suit every need: Auto (programming), Comfort +, Comfort, Eco, Frost protection, Holidays and Boost for a quick rise in temperature for 60 minutes, adjustable from 10 to 90 minutes
For greater simplicity, the remote control has all the essential features for everyday use of a towel rails. Advanced features are still available via the app.